Details Matter

When analysing images for the purpose of treatment and prevention, the details really do matter. Our professional dental imaging services provide accurate, reliable three dimensional images to ensure proper diagnosis.

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3D Imaging

Whether it is generating a full volume anatomy scan for an orthodontic survey or a low volume-high resolution scan for the growing demand of implants or impactions, our three-dimensional imaging provide pin point accurate scans.

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See the difference

Our imaging services provide the multiple projection perspective necessary to accurately assess tooth relationships and further support the objective interpretation of anatomy.

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Who We Are

Our full-service dental specialty imaging facility has served the San Gabriel Valley for 45 years. In order to properly diagnose and schedule the planned treatment of dental, orthodontic, and other various oral-maxillofacial conditions, the right staff and correct imaging is extremely important. You can count on McCormack Radiographics team of licensed professionals to deliver the highest possible quality.

With advanced technology, we have the ability to capture anatomically precise images which allows your doctor to provide more effective treatment. At McCormack Radiographics we are able to do this at the lowest possible radiation dosage, which is significantly lower than most medical imaging!

Our Services

Below is a brief sample of the services we provide to our expanding network of doctors.

- Orthodontic Surveys

tooth icon- Implant Planning

- TMJ Analysis

- Impactions/Supernumeraries

- Digital Panoramic

- Full Mouth Surveys

- Digital Diagnostic Photos

Featured Services

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For Doctors we are providing a downloadable referral form which can be handed to the patient or faxed to our office.
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Standard of Care

Read how the Standard of Care for patients is evolving with the introduction of 3D technology.
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